About Us

Welcome to Practical Financial Tips!

This site is set up and written in mind for individuals who are keen to expand on their knowledge of managing their personal finances.

As you probably know, knowledge is power and over here we try our very best to empower you with more knowledge on how to manage your money and get your finances back on track.

We are a group of friends trying our very best to get the better of our mid life crisis.

Over drinks and what started off as easy banter soon lead to the creation of this website.

This site will provide news, information, resources and tips to our readers to better manage their personal finances.

If you are looking to manage your money better, getting your finances back in order, retire comfortably or make your first million through investing wisely, there is no better place than here to start your journey.

We like you to give us feed-backs on how we can further improve our site.

If you have any feed-backs and ideas to make our site better, feel free to email us at admin@practicalfinancialtips.com.

Enjoy your visit!



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