Health Insurance Obligations That You Need to Know

A formal contract between an entity that provides insurance services and an individual that seeks to benefit from this agreement, a health insurance policy can be renewed on a specific time frame. It can be renewed monthly or annually depending on a specific insurance agreement contract. No matter what type of health insurance agreement, the […]

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What Is Payday Loan

Payday loans, which is also called "cash advance loans", are short-term loans used by people to gain cash for immediate needs between paydays. For employees to apply for a payday loan, they are required to present an identification card with a recent photo as well as proof of income which may come in the form […]

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What Is Mortgage Loan

What is mortgage loan? The concept of mortgage loan is not as dumbfounding as you think, although you have to be careful with its terms. Mortgage loans provide assistance to people who do not have enough resources to pay for their rent, the purchase of their home, or anything else that's related to their home. […]

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What Is Investment

To some, asking what is investment gives them a blank face. A lot of people nowadays have the business savvy, but are still intimidated by the main concept of how investments work and how it will help them as urgent or as well into the future they wanted them to be. This guide shall aid […]

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What Is Insurance

A typical question that always comes to mind is: what is insurance? In general, insurance covers losses that may happen in the future. These losses are those unnecessary and unwanted incidents that may pass through life. Insurance is a way to manage the risks that may affect both life and property. That is why insurance […]

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What Is Personal Finance

Personal finance as the name implies refers to the process of applying sound financial principals in making financial decisions in your personal life. In other words, it refers to what you do with your money on a personal level. It involves many processes such as budgeting, financial planning, estate planning, investing, money management, insurance, investing, […]

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