What Are The Best Students Credit Cards In The Market

Written by admin, last updated March 19, 2019

Credit card companies have realized over the past few years that college students have very different financial needs. Students credit cards are perfect for students who need money that is not readily available. Students have a variety of urgent needs that they may not be able to fulfil because of the state of their finances. For this reason, banks have made students credit cards available. Student credit cards are a good way for students to enter the world of money and finances in a controlled manner. Credit cards for students usually have low loan amounts, and for those who are excessive spenders, prepaid credit cards are also available.

It is very much advised to students that the credit cards they acquire should only be used for important unforeseen expenses such as books, food, commuting fees, medical fees and the like. These credit cards are perfect for students who have parents who find it difficult to repeatedly send or give them money for their school expenses. Students credit cards are safe, but only if the right card is chosen and if discipline is employed when it comes to using them. If you're a student and if you're looking for the best students credit cards for you, here are a couple of the best students credit cards available.

MTV Visa Credit Card

The MTV Visa Credit Card is perfect for the MTV generation. With offerings that any student will love, who can ask for more? MTV Visa Students Credit Cards offers bonus points for students who purchase video games, music, movies, tickets to a variety of sporting events, and more. The MTV Visa Credit Card appeals to young adults as it gives five points for every dollar that is spent for sources of entertainment. Two points are given for each dollar spent on a coffee shop, restaurant, and fast food joint, areas where students are usually found filling their heads with information from textbooks. MTV also gives you a point for dollars spent on whatever you like, and a staggering 25 points just by having a good credit history with them. The MTV Visa Credit Card also provides people with a financial education system, travel insurance, and car rental insurance for any of your booked fares while using the card. Rack up enough points and you might even get to watch the VMAs for free!

Citi Dividend Credit Card

This students credit card is perfect for students who love doing their shopping online. Citibank tries to provide its target group with the best credit card experience by employing an exceptional cash back system that provides you with a plethora of rewards as you spend. Using this credit card allows you to receive a five percent cash back for purchases done at a supermarket, a drug store, a convenience store, a gas station, or paying for your utility bills. Six months into using the credit card and you'll get one percent cash back on all of your purchases and two percent on the purchases mentioned above. Citibank's aims to provide students with an easier life by the variety of features they provide. Citibank offers an exceptional credit education system as well.

Discover Student Card

The Discover Student Card praises you for every time you spend with it cash back system, a system that allows you to reimburse a percentage of the amount you spent. With a decently low APR, the Discover Student Card is one of the most competitive students credit cards available today. The Discover Student Card gives you a five percent cash back on money spent for grocery stores, gas stations, improvement stores, and the like. You'll get a massive 20{8e6cf663dd8bbfda1f4fdd38af84969e57c1756d87f56947f5c326d1d8b26fdc} cash back on every purchase you make in ShopDiscover.com. Though these cash back percentages are small, students have the freedom to use their reward for whatever they like, instead of a point system that gives students particular prizes. The Discover Credit Card also gives you access to the Student Centre, a free education source in the Internet that informs students about everything they need to know about the credit!

Citi mtvU Credit Card

Citi mtvU is hailed as one of the best students credit cards today. With a very attractive APR that's only 13.24 percent after a six month introductory period of zero percent, you'll know a good credit card when you see one. Citi mtvU allows you to receive fantastic rewards while you purchase. You receive points for all purchases and bonus points for spending on particular locations such as bookstores, restaurants, video rental stores, movie theatres and the like. While students are using their cards to pay for things they need such as books and groceries, they're racking up a great number of points for a variety of cool stuff. And to make things even better, Citi mtvU provides you a massive 2,000 points for merely having a good GPA!

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