Scholarships To College For Poor Students

Written by admin, last updated September 19, 2016

Being poor are often considered a taboo because it's always the poor who is deprived of even the basic amenities of life. Therefore, even thinking about attending and getting the basic primary education seems a distant reality to the poor, leave aside going to college. But scholarships to college for poor students can help them shape their future differently.

Often students end up cursing the financial burdens or the sins of their parents for not letting them go to college in order to achieve a successful future. This not only makes them prone to depression but also make them pessimistic in life. If at an appropriate age they may have access to scholarships to college for poor, then all of the above can be avoided.

It was also the dream of our forefathers to see an educated world, a world where even the poor have an equal access to the basic right to education. As a matter of fact a nation can only have said to be progressed in reality if all its citizens including the poor are educated. It was rightly said by Thomas Jefferson a 100 years ago that the children of the poor must be educated at the common expenses.

Scholarships to college should be especially availed by students who are tremendously intelligent and have wonderful academic records to flaunt. These students, even if belonging to low income group should have faith in their capabilities because many organizations are willing to shell out millions of dollars on such brilliant minds.

Even if you belong to the economically weaker section and yet you are athletic prodigies then my friend do try out for the sports scholarships to college. Such sport scholarships can make you a successful sports star as well as these scholarships makes you play for certain big names as well.

Poor students can also try their luck at various lottery systems that can provide you with scholarships to college. All you need to do is search for such sites, which believe me are available in abundance on the internet. As soon as you find one, register yourself on them and let your fate decide your journey of life if nothing else works.

You can relieve your parents from the burden of taking a loan and the cumbersome process of returning it via costly repayment plans with high interest rates by taking some private scholarships to college as well. You can either approach such companies with your research work or the mere willingness to work as an intern at their firm if they grant you the scholarship.

Certain communities have their own reserve of scholarships to support students of low-income groups with scholarships to college. You should approach such communities with your financial data i.e. your tax returns, proof of annual income and score cards validating that you deserve this scholarship for college.

Several scholarships to college which have been devised just to help poor students are as follows:

Scholarship program for the Unmet Needs:

It is a part of the Sallie Mae Scholarship Fund. You have to be a U.S citizen to be able to avail these scholarships to college. To be entitled to receive this fund your combined family income must be less than $30,000. The student needs to have a minimum 2.5 GPA score in order to get this aid. An amount of $1000 to $3,800 is usually awarded in this program.

In medicine:

Students trying for Medical colleges can always go for the NEED BASED SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which is open for first and second year medical students who can prove that they are in dire need of funds and need such scholarships to college. The scholarship ranges from $500 to $10,000 and varies from applicant to applicant. The name of this program is National Medical Fellowships Need Based Scholarship Program.

In Law:

If you are a poor student and want to pursue your studies in law then the ABA legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund can be just be the answer for your scholarships to college. It is offered by the American Bar Association. To avail this scholarship you need to be a part of an ABA affiliated law school. The scholarship amount is $5000.

Google help:

The Google Scholarship program is aimed at helping students pursuing computer engineering. The students have to maintain a GPA score of minimum 3.5 to get it. The students must be U.S citizens to get Google scholarships to college.

The Gates' Fund:

Bill and Melinda Gates fund the Gates Millennium Scholarship program to help poor people in America and Africa. Students aiming to get these scholarships need to maintain a GPA of 3.5 minimum.

As you can see, there are many options available for scholarships to college. Therefore, anyone who is in a difficult financial situation should not just give up hope and waste the opportunity to further his or her education in order to forge a better life ahead.

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  1. This for my brothers aged 24 and 35 they both completed high school but there is no money pay to for college. At the moment they both sell merchandise at the market. I helping my mother other siblings for their upkeep, i can afford to pay for my brothers College. They live in Africa Zambia. I hope any organization can help them to get scholarship to go to school. l My father past way and my mother is old.

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