Tips On Applying Scholarships For High School Juniors

Written by admin, last updated March 18, 2019

Some think that reaching out for financial aid is only for high school seniors. They think that the only grants and aid available must wait until your last year of schooling prior to college. This is not the case. Aid is available to students in multiple stages of their academic career. That is why it is so important to understand some important tips in the scholarship application process. Scholarships for high school juniors are just as important as for high school seniors, so beginning here would be an excellent start.

Tip 1: Prepare For The Test
Standardized testing is a huge part of the processes for application for scholarships for high school juniors in many schools. Scores often used in deciding whether or not you will receive a scholarship include those ascertained by taking the ACT and SAT's. Juniors are eligible to, and often do, take these types of tests. As a result, it is important that students take the test seriously and prepare for it accordingly. Taking the time to study means receiving a better score and may give you a leg up on your fellow scholarship competitors.

Tip 2: Research Your Major
Because some scholarships for high school juniors are subject matter specific, it is important to get an early start on figuring out on what you want your college years' plan of study to focus. This means a great deal of researching on your part and an effort to understand what majors are appropriate for you. With this knowledge you can then begin looking for scholarships for high school juniors specific to that subject area. Further, this may actually mean that you will increase your chances of being awarded the monies. General scholarships mean more competition, but ones specific to a particular area of interest mean less applicants.

Tip 3: Find Your School
Scholarships for high school juniors can be school-specific. What one institution offers another school may not. For this reason it is important to start looking for the schools that most interest you. Research there application processes, what majors they have to offer, and what internal scholarships they may provide you. This can help you to find and know what is required as a junior to receive a scholarship. Further, see if they accept early enrollees and apply if you are able. This will put you in the early running for financial aid and have you first in line to receive free scholarship monies.

Tip 4: Research
Many scholarships for high school juniors exist that are not institutionally connected. There is a vast network of scholarships across the United States. Many of these scholarships have been formatted into convenient website search pages that allow you to clarify what you are looking for and character your scholarship search to meet your needs. These sites provide a great deal of resources right at your fingertips, and most of these resources are free to access. This allows you essentially open access to all scholarships for high school juniors available to you as a junior in high school. Further, you may choose to look at federally provided grants and state grants as well. State and federal websites are available and explain what you need to know about how to apply for these government sponsored aid.

It is never too early to begin searching for ways to pay for your college education but it may take time and energy to do so. Make sure that you take the time to do your research and better understand what scholarships for high school juniors are available for your stage of the game. Look online, talk to schools, and meet with a financial aid counselor if necessary. This will provide you with a strong foundation and early footing in the scholarship game.

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