What Is Investment

Written by admin, last updated March 19, 2019

To some, asking what is investment gives them a blank face. A lot of people nowadays have the business savvy, but are still intimidated by the main concept of how investments work and how it will help them as urgent or as well into the future they wanted them to be. This guide shall aid people who are novices or are intimidated by investments to show what is investment and how they can start investing today. It might even surprise some people that they do possess investments and have the investing potential to seek other investment plans.

For starters, there are three basic investment forms, most of which are highly recommended by people who have experienced making investments in them. They are savings, stocks, and bonds. Houses, works of art, and even body parts can be seen as a part of an investment. However, savings, stocks, and bonds are the most basic investments forms that can be availed of by everyone.


Savings is the most basic form of investment. In this investment form, you become an investor for a bank or a savings company. Money can be turned in and an interest for the money invested adds up to the total savings in the bank.

Money is more likely to yield more interest since there is more money going in than coming out of the savings account. It can also yield more money if it is put into a time-deposit system, where the investor promises to the bank that the money will be unmoved until the specified amount of time. This makes savings the most readily available form of investment around


Stocks is an investment option that dates back from the Mesopotamian era. Back then, traders would barter goods around a table that provides for every community that they live in.

Nowadays, stocks are seen as an investment plan where you, as a stockholder, become a part-owner of a corporation, or a stock quote. Investments in stock are called shares and every company has their own price of every share that you buy from them. Companies can either participate in a stock market where more money goes around, therefore, raising a better money potential for the stockholder.

Profits gained by the company are then returned to you in the form of dividends, depending on how often the company hands out dividends to its stockholders. Similarly, turning your investment into cash again shows that the money still grows even if you are to take dividends from it.


Bonds is the last most popular investment form that can be done in order to gain more money. Every person who gives money for a bond becomes a creditor to a company or a personality. They give the money needed to the personality who needs it, and money returns to them with interest.

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