Personal Finance Software For Mac Users

Written by admin, last updated March 19, 2019

In today's technological age, it is becoming increasingly common for people to bypass the standard method of balancing the checkbook and mailing in bill payments in favor of doing the same work on their personal computers. To facilitate this shift, various software companies come out with dozens of personal finance software programs each year. However, not all of these programs are Mac-compatible. Still, there are numerous options when considering personal finance software for Mac.

Top Personal Finance Software for Mac

The Moneydance software is compatible with Mac and provides a wide array of features that allow users to track all of their accounts on a single interface. Beyond the common banking and bill-paying features, Moneydance offers portfolio and investment tracking. Portfolio management and tracking is an important feature that is not found in all personal finance software and is often overlooked. However, it is an important aspect of personal finance that should be considered.

Fortora Fresh
The Fortora Fresh software is typical of personal finance software for Mac. While it provides basic account tracking and bill paying, it does not provide any investment management. This is not a serious issue until other factors are considered. Fortora Fresh is actually one of the more expensive options when looking for personal finance software for Mac. Further, many reviewers claim that the biggest issue with the program is its lack of help and customer support. When dealing with important financial information, users want to know that they are protected and that they have someone to talk to if there are any issues. This product does not provide that assurance.

Quicken was recently rated the top personal finance software on the market. Its edition for Mac users is a similarly strong program that provides all basic financial software requirements as well as several bonuses. Quicken does provide investment portfolio management and downloadable stock quotes. It also has a strong support network and plenty of customer service options that are not available with other programs. However, it does not offer any Ipad compatibility or an Ipod application. While this isn't a serious problem when considering financial software, it can be a big issue for Mac users who are searching for the best personal finance software for Mac. To many, it only makes sense that the best Mac software would be compatible with all Apple products.

YNAB is another personal finance software program that was originally created for PC but has a Mac-compatible option. YNAB has many of the same options as Moneydance, Fortora Fresh and Quicken, but does not offer direct bank connection. This is not a serious issue but does create some problems for users. Another feature that YNAB lacks is the ability to track money in different currencies. Once again, this is not always an issue but can cause problems for users who have international income or international bank accounts. Unlike most of the other programs, however, it does have a downloadable application for the Iphone and Ipad.

The Top Programs for Mac

Personal finance software for Mac is actually not much different than the similar software that exists for PC. Three of the top programs for Mac are also top-rated programs for PC and feature many of the same features. However, there are some programs that seem to do a better job of providing additional features for Mac users. Moneydance and YNAB provide compatibility with a large array of Apple products, making them more desirable for most Mac users. Considering financial safety and compatibility, Moneydance seems to be the top-of-the-line personal finance software for Mac.

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